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At Cornejo Chiropractic in Tyler, Texas, we provide a comprehensive range of chiropractic services and techniques to gently serve the needs of members of the community. Dr. Luis Cornejo and his caring team are dedicated to helping patients improve their quality of life following vehicular accidents, work, and sports injuries and other sources of sudden or chronic neck and back pain.

Other conditions Dr. Cornejo can treat include pain caused by common strains and sprains and soft tissue injuries, sciatica, ligament pain, and muscle tears. Even such nagging conditions as headaches and sleep disorders and pain in other limbs can be caused by disorders of the musculoskeletal structure that can be easily treated here.

Here are the non-invasive services we deliver in our Tyler practice.

Experiencing Low Back Pain? Cornejo Chiropractic Can Help You!

Chiropractic Services Offered

Spinal adjustments -- This is a therapeutic treatment technique in which pressure is applied to the vertebrae in strategic places to relieve pressure on the affected nerves in the neck and the back. It’s a matter of detecting and then removing the source of interference in the spine.

Routine chiropractic treatment -- This is a preventive measure, in which the chiropractor periodically checks the patient’s spine for proper alignment before problems have occurred, ensuring that the patient can stay problem-free.

Corrective exercises -- Once we’ve restored you to health, we want to keep you healthy. That’s why we offer a range of exercises that can keep your musculoskeletal system in good working order.

Nutritional counseling and lifestyle advice -- A healthier lifestyle, with a focus on proper nutrition and daily exercise, can dramatically improve your chiropractic and overall health in numerous ways. That’s why Dr. Cornejo and his team offers this important guidance.

Make a Change for the Best

Perhaps you’ve been told that your chronic neck, back, shoulder or arms pain is just something you’ll have to learn to live with. Or perhaps you’ve been prescribed potentially dangerous painkillers to blot the pain out.

Whatever you’ve had to go through at this point in your life for your pain, you owe it to yourself to schedule an appointment with Dr. Cornejo and his compassionate staff. Let us diagnose the source of your pain and offer chiropractic services that can return your life to normal.

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Call us today at (903)-939-1415. We can also provide information on your insurance coverage and discuss a range of payment options. For maximum convenience, you can even fill out and submit our easy health history form online so you don’t have to waste time filling it out at the clinic.


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