Personal Injury

An Overview of Personal Injury Treatment from Cornejo Chiropractic

Personal injury is a broad treatment area and can impact anyone at any time. The world of injuries is diverse, and everyone's injury is unique. Therefore, everyone who has suffered an injury deserves to have the attention of a trained professional. Those who suffer an injury, such as in an auto accident or a slip and fall incident need to have their treatment plan tailored to meet their needs. This is where the team from Cornejo Chiropractic is here to help the people of the Tyler area. A trained chiropractor has a tremendous array of treatment options at his or her disposal.


Common Examples of Personal Injuries

At Cornejo Chiropractic, there are several types of personal injuries that we see regularly. Some of the injuries that our team takes care of daily include:

Whiplash: Those who are involved in a motor vehicle accident may have suffered an injury called whiplash. This takes place when the neck snaps back and forth quickly because of rapid shifts and changes in momentum. This can sprain the cervical spinal ligaments that connect the neck, head, and vertebrae. This can make it hard for someone to move their neck from side to side.

Sprains: Those who slip and fall in an awkward area might sprain their ankle, knee or hip. These sprains can drastically impact the strength and range of motion of the joints. As a result, this can make it hard for someone to move. This can make it difficult for someone to take the stairs, walk across the house, or even get out of bed in the morning.

Back Pain: Auto accidents and slip/fall incidents can also lead to severe back pain. Many people do not realize just how much work their back does daily. The muscles and bones of the back provide support to the rest of the body. When the back is sore, this can have a tremendous impact on someone's quality of life.

Treatment Options from the Trained Team at Cornejo Chiropractic

Every injury is different, and those who suffer a personal injury deserve to have a treatment plan tailored to meet their needs. Cornejo Chiropractic is here to serve the citizens of the Tyler area. We can perform adjustments, manipulations, and decompressions in addition to helping with corrective exercises and physical therapy. This wide array of treatment options allows us to tailor our treatment plans to meet the individual, unique needs of all of our patients. Please call us today to make an appointment. We will place your needs first. We are always here to help you and your family.



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