Back Pain

Too many people encounter persistent back pain due to modern jobs, sports, home activities and driving. Unfortunately, a single accident can seriously impact one’s quality of life. At Cornejo Chiropractic, we pride ourselves on being a chiropractor Tyler, Texas, can rely on.

Our chiropractors are specialized in back pain treatment, and each team member is outfitted with years of experience, medical knowledge and powerful approaches to treatment. We feel it’s important for our patients to understand the ins and outs of back pain. In doing so, we can help them determine whether chiropractic care is needed.

Common Back Pain Causes

Often, soft-tissue injuries and mechanical issues are the cause of back pain. These injuries can damage the back’s intervertebral discs, compress nerve roots and result in consistent improper spinal joint movements. Among these injuries, the following tend to be the most common causes:

Muscle and Ligament Strain

Lower back sprains—as well as ligament strain—can develop over time due to repetitive movements. Exercise, day-to-day workplace movements and general wear-and-tear can slowly damage the back muscles and ligaments. In some cases, a muscle stretches too far and tears. In other cases, this overstretching can damage connected ligaments, too.

Herniated Discs

Your back has a series of jelly-like lumbar discs which support your spinal column and assure smooth, painless movement. Sometimes, however, a lumbar disc soft center ruptures its outer layer. When this happens, it may contact nearby nerve roots. The herniated part of a disc often causes inflammation, which results in nerve root pain—as well as pain along the disc wall.


Sciatica is nerve pain in the leg which is caused by the compression, or irritation, of the sciatic nerve. Sciatica often originates within the lower back—radiating down the leg. The sciatic nerve is the largest individual nerve in the body—formed by a connection between five nerve roots located in the sacral spine and lumbar. Both wear-and-tear and direct injuries can result in sciatic nerve damage.

Back Pain Treatment Options

A great chiropractor Tyler, Texas, can rely on is one which has experience with many cases of back pain. Whether a patient has experienced sciatica, a herniated disk or continuous swelling—a number of options are available to provide relief.

Physical Therapy

Physical therapy involves a close examination of the patient’s spine—determining improper alignment issues, underlying injuries or musculoskeletal problems. By harnessing a wide range of exercises, dieting techniques, and stretching maneuvers, a physical therapist can help a patient reclaim comfort.

Spinal Adjustment

In some cases, a spinal adjustment is needed. Spinal adjustment care involves the therapeutic placement of pressure upon the back vertebrae—strategically relieving impacted nerves along the back and neck alike.

At Cornejo Chiropractic, we take great care in providing the best back pain treatment options available. Give us a call at (903)-939-1415, and connect with one of our specialists to achieve comfort today.


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