Auto Accident Injury

Car accidents can be emotionally and physically traumatic. Car accidents occur so quickly, and you don't even see it coming. Also, even if you are wearing your seatbelt, you can still be seriously injured.

After an accident, it is essential that you seek medical attention immediately, even if you aren't in pain. It is not uncommon for the pain associated with an auto accident injury to come on 24-hours after the accident. There are several common auto accident injuries that can be treated by Cornejo Chiropractic.

Auto Accident Injury


Whiplash is one of the most common auto accident injuries. It occurs when your neck is forcefully pushed backward and forward, the way that a whip cracks. Whiplash can cause severe neck pain, headaches at the base of the skull, and loss of range of motion. A chiropractor will use several treatments such as adjustments, heat/cold therapy, and ultrasound to treat the pain and improve range of motion.

Head Injuries

If you hit your head during the accident, it can result in a concussion. A concussion can cause severe headaches, nausea, vomiting, and confusion. A chiropractor can perform an adjustment to increase the blood flow to the brain, which will relieve your symptoms.

Airbag Injuries

Although an airbag can save your life, it can still cause serious injuries. These include:

  • Cervical spine injuries
  • Wrist and finger injuries
  • Injuries to the face, knees, and arms
  • Burns to the chest, arms, and hands

A chiropractor can treat your cervical spine injuries and many muscle and joint injuries. They can use chiropractic adjustments, heat/cold therapy, TENS therapy, and ultrasound. The treatment method that your chiropractor chooses would depend on the injury that you sustained.

Back Injuries

Back injuries are very common car accident injuries. If your seatbelt fails to hold your body correctly, it can result in a spinal fracture. If the discs that cushion the vertebrae are subjected to great force during the accident, it can cause a herniated disc. These are injuries that can be best treated by a chiropractor.

Spinal Cord Injuries

Spinal cord injuries are very serious. During the accident, even if you weren't driving fast, your spinal cord can get bruised and even severed. These injuries require immediate treatment to prevent permanent damage. A chiropractor can treat the pain and loss of range of motion associated with these injuries.

If you were involved in a car accident and you have suffered an auto accident injury, Cornejo Chiropractic in Tyler can help. Our chiropractor can create a treatment plan to help relieve the pain and other symptoms associated with your injury. To schedule an appointment, give us a call today. After your first visit, you should start feeling some relief.


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